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"After using the default Xandros OS for quite a while, I finally took a plunge to try another OS. I first tried Ubuntu, and finally settled on a Ubuntu-variant called Leeenux. It has given a new lease of life to the Eee PC."

DIY HAM Antenna

Instructions for building antennas for all purposes and bands.

Live Linux Games

Linux distribution with 64 chosen games and emulators.
"Live Linux Games is now on promo period, for only 7$."
"Youtube video"
"There is new distribution which is part of Leeenux: Live Linux Games. Distribution is made for gaming, with 64..."
"v7 is released! What is new? Editions for 2G, M Standard and M Deluxe are built from LTS, so they have support..."
"Tomorrow v7 for eee 4G, 8G, up to 904HD (and all netbooks with Celeron M CPUs (which means not for 901)) will be released."