User Comment:

"After using the default Xandros OS for quite a while, I finally took a plunge to try another OS. I first tried Ubuntu, and finally settled on a Ubuntu-variant called Leeenux. It has given a new lease of life to the Eee PC."

"Live Linux Games is now on promo period, for only 7$."
"Youtube video"
"There is new distribution which is part of Leeenux: Live Linux Games. Distribution is made for gaming, with 64..."
"v7 is released! What is new? Editions for 2G, M Standard and M Deluxe are built from LTS, so they have support..."
"Tomorrow v7 for eee 4G, 8G, up to 904HD (and all netbooks with Celeron M CPUs (which means not for 901)) will be released."