Download Leeenux Linux v10 + Live Linux Games + Leeenux for Kids + MACLeeenux X = $9 For more information than that is displayed on this page click HERE Download links will appear right after purchase and You will also receive them to your email. Leeenux Linux works on ANY PC including ones with CPUs that do not support PAE like Celeron M and Pentium M (example Asus eee 2G, 4G…).

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Editions Included (for more information about Editions click HERE):

  • LXDE x86 – Light and Fast:
  1. 2G – less than 2GB when installed, for Asus eee 2G.
  2. 4G – less than 3GB when installed, for Asus eee 4G (701).
  3. LXDE – light and fast, for all PCs and netbooks. With Adobe Flash adobe flash, Wine, Games, skype, and many more apps.
  4. Live Linux Games – a Live only gaming edition – full DVD with the best free games and emulators.
  5. Leeenux Kids – turn your netbook to be child friendly – for education and fun!
  • XFCE x64- Eyecandy and rich in features while being Light and Fast:
  1. XFCE Lite – Only 3.8GB when installed,
  2. XFCE – Our Deluxe edition, with everything you might need. With Adobe Flash adobe flash, Wine, skype, Games and many more apps.
  3. MACLeeenux X – inspired by MAC OS X

Leeenux Linux comes with support until April 2021.

Installed Size 1.8GB 2.1GB 3.8GB 3.7GB 5.8GB
Browser Midori Firefox Firefox Firefox Firefox
Skype/Wine No/No No/No Yes/Yes No/No Yes/Yes
Flash/Games  No/No Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes Yes/Yes

Leeenux Kids can be installed on every PC, but on eee 2G. It works on eee 701 4G.

MACLeeenux X is inspired by MAC OS X. More about it is HERE.

For instructions on how to install Leeenux Linux click HERE. Use UNetBootIn to move ISO files to USB Flash disk. Localization is not possible at the moment, so please install with English, and change settings to your preferred language later.

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