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The V6 comes in two main versions, with LXDE and a Unity version. Each edition branches into “Deluxe” edition that comes with customer support, and “Standard” edition. Editions:

  1. 2G edition: LXDE environment, less than 2GB when installed
  2. LXDE edition optimized for devices with SSD
  3. LXDE edition optimized for devices with mechanical Hard Drive
  4. Unity edition with Unity 2D environment

Editions with LXDE work on Asus EEE 700 series while Unity edition requires more powerful Netbook. LXDE editions are built from Linux Mint 12, and Unity edition was built from Ubuntu 12.04. New Leeenux applications that came with this version are: “SSD optimizer” (optimizes system for SSD), redesigned “Leeenux Cleaner” and “Leeenux Installer” (step-by-step tool for installing applications). Leeenux Linux v6 was released on July the 3rd, 2012.


LXDE editions Default Apps:

Accessories: Catfish, CPU Frequency, Disk Usage Analyzer, Disk Utility, PCManFM File Manager, Galculator, Gnome Commander, Image Viewer, Leafpad, LXTerminal, Screenshot, Xarchiver

Games: Get Dos Games, Get Mame Games, Get Nintendo Games, Get Sega Games, Leeenux Simple Games

Deluxe: Solitaire, Chess, Dosbox Emulator, Five or More, Four in a Row, FreeCell, Gens, Lagno, Klotski, Mahjongg, Mines, Nibbles, Quadrapassel, Robots, Sudoku, Tali, Tetravex, ZSNES Emulator

Internet: Firefox, Pidgin, Transmission

Deluxe: Dropbox, Gwibber, Skype, Thunderbird

Office: Abiword, PDF Viewer

Deluxe: E-Book reader (FBReader), Gnumeric

Sound & Video: Exaile, Gnome MPlayer

Deluxe: Cheese, VLC media player

Preferences: Leeenux Cleaner, Leeenux Installer, Leeenux SSD Optimizer, and many more.

Unity editions: Same as LXDE editions, with Adobe Reader in “Deluxe” edition.

2G editions: Few apps less than LXDE Standard editions.