Prestashop Tutorial


Note: All the code edited here is collected by making the Nero Online Shop (for accessories and fashion items). The whole process is documented in a diary, presented in this blog.

Prestashop is not the leading eCommerce CMS out there. WordPress with Woocomerce is used in 45% of online shops. Magento is probably more powerful. So why Prestashop?

It is in the middle of the two popular eCommerce solutions. Magento is a bit difficult and Woocomerce is amazing for a plugin, but Prestashop beats it simply because it is built only for online shops. It has everything automated, and is not hard to learn, with a help of a large online community. Once You start digging into it, You will be amazed at how much is covered to make Your life easier.

What is not covered is what will give You headaches. To change something will cost a lot, to buy custom themes or modules, which are almost always overpriced, and not a lot of them are free. There is an alternative in changing the code, and that’s the way I prefer, because it is not only free, but it works the best. After trying out numerous themes, I’ve found out that there is at least some minor fault with every one, or they are just modifications of the default theme. Thus, the default theme: default-bootstrap, works best, and good news is that because everything is Open Source, it can be modified to our liking.

The main code is in .tpl files, which are coded using mixed php and framework code, and are easy to read.

All modifications are listed in the sections below.

At the end, we will give out our module for FREE. Look at the end of the article to see what it is.

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