How to install other Language and/or Keyboard layout

As we know, Leeenux must be installed using English language and English keyboard layout. However, it is easy to install any Language or keyboard layout after installation. These are the steps how to do it.

Install Language other than English

  1. First things first: go to the terminal and:
    sudo apt-get update
  2. From the menu go to Preferences > Language support
  3. It will inform you that: “The language support is not installed completely”. Click on “Install”.
  4. Click on “Install/Remove Languages”
  5. Close and Drag your desired language to the top.
  6. Click on Apply System-Wide.
  7. Go th the Regional Formats tab and click on Apply System-Wide.
  8. Reboot!

Install other Keyboard layouts

  1. Rightclick on the Panel > Panel Settings
  2. Go to the “Panel Applets” tab > Add
  3. Choose “Keyboard Layout Handler” and click on “Add”.
  4. Rightclick on the flag and choose the “Keyboard Layout Handler Settings”.4g-1-2016-09-17-23-00-18
  5. Uncheck “Keep system Layouts”.
  6. Optional: I prefer not having a flag, but rather country initials. For that choose “Custom image”.
  7. Add > Choose Layout > Close and Done!
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